Burke Brandon  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai had done a great job checking the teeth of our 5yo Arab gelding. It was his first dentist experience and fought the mouthpiece going into his mouth, but Jai handled it with patience and got the job done with minimal stress. Well organised and on the day expected, in regional South Gippsland.

Mel Farley  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Professional, knowledgeable and a great horseman. Highly recommend.

Susanne Starr  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Highly recommend. Jai was fantastic with our mare who normally gets sedated! Thanks to Jai there will be not be a need anymore. See you next year.

Katelyn West  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai is extremely knowledgeable, so patient and amazing at his profession! So easy going and great to chat to. Was excellent with my nervy horses and newbies.Highly Recommend! see you in 12 months Jai

Belle Zenn Highly recommended came out today professional, kind, caring. 4 extractions to my 2.5 year old, thorough, went extra mile for bit fitting and loved a written report.

Melinda Phillips Jai did a great job with two of my stallions. Really paitent and through. Despite the fact we were the last for the day and he had seen a huge amount of horse before us there was no rushing, no short fuse. Thank Jai for taking so much time and care with them

Kelly Stewart  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Lovely to meet you Jai. Mum and I were very grateful for your help. Great job on the 7 horses and a donkey

Shelbi Duncombe  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.had these guys come out and did my 2 boys started with my young one whos never had his teeth done and he did well the patients with him was good and was even able to remove a wolf tooth both my boys are feeling alot better now and jai was very informative and answered any questions i had as well

Amy Cooper  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.5 star service

Thanks Jai for being so patient and explaining everything you did along the way. Going the extra mile to check the sizing of the bit, and give tips on feeding and shoeing was a bonus.Look forward to seeing you next year


Beck Jane

  All my boys done and ready for the season, thanks to Jai from Silver Fern Equine services.Enjoy your time up here, hope you don’t work to hard.

Cindy McIntyre

 Spa day for the team today

Teeth ✅Jairaj Rajaram

Feet ✅Steven Dowd

Only the best for these two 

Emma Evans  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Thanks Jai, love the way you work with horses and people. We look forward to seeing you next yr. Nice to see the care and consideration you have for horses and we loved getting to feel their teeth and understanding your work.

5 stars!

Ros Alyn  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Very kind and knowledgeable horse dentist who was particularly gentle and patient with my young filly (it was her first time being done without sedation). I would 100% recommend Jai to anyone needing a horse dentist. Very happy with the service and the horses were so well behaved (which I think much of that was down to the way Jai handled them and performed his work). See you next time Jai

Bengworden Park We had Jai from Silver Fern Equine services here today to work on 4 of our horses.Let me say this … WOW!Grace is a very nervous horse and yes she got quite upset at first throwing in a few bunny hops but Jai just worked with her calmly & within a few minutes she gave in & seemed to enjoy it.Lace our older mare just cruised through but we have to pay closer attention to her front teeth as they have deeper grooves so a scrape over her front teeth after feeding each day. Chief was naughty and cheeky as per usual and then big boy Asher’ turn. He wasn’t sure what was going on but he just took everything so well and the most fuss he gave was a step back here and there.If you want a total professional that is wonderful at handling a wide range of horses Jai is the Equine Dentist you need

Jodi Doyle  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.thanks for being so gentle with the horse’s and especially understanding with the young ones. definitely be seeing you again. pleasure to meet you and now have happy ponies

Julie LoadzSilver Fern Equine services Amazing work on two extremely sensitive mares today Jai I had heard you were awesome but you proved it today, thank you Silver Fern Equine services

ShaniSilver Fern Equine services Every once in a while you meet an exceptional horse person… one who is experienced, qualified, kind, knowledgeable, compassionate, attentive, informative, caring – and super efficient at their job – also in making horses (and owners alike) feel relaxed and in safe hands… – they get the job done without stress and drama, certainly no need for sedation.I can highly recommend Jai’s skills & knowledge in horse dentistry and his knowledge and opinions with biting. Thanks for your work on my 3 geldings this morning and taking the stress out of dental visits. cheers. Shani

Carolyn EatonSilver Fern Equine services· Thank you attending our horses this morning,taking the time needed with the young one and the soft manner of approach with the higher strung TB. We would highly recommend your services for anyone needing an equine dentist. Such a knowledgeable and helpful manner. Thanks again.

Marloroo Park Stud Annual dentist day with Silver Fern Equine services for my 4 broodmares and marlo (who I completely forgot a photo of Jai was so patient and gentle with all horses…. no major concerns just some sharp edges that needed filing back Its so important to look after the broodmares teeth too, to keep them comfortable

Keiran Margaret Chatfield  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.excellent service, Jai done a terrific job today with my two horse’s. absolutely fantastic will be using him again. hopefully i will see you at polo cross

Nicole Bodnar is in Acacia Hills.Scout’s very first dental visit. Did really awesome, although didn’t expect anything other than that from Jai. The horses have always been so happy and relaxed under his expert handling thanks again Silver Fern Equine services

Tania Blakeney Thanks for the awesome service Wednesday- super Horse dentist

Verena Mewett Thank you Jairaj Rajaram.. the baby’s first experience with getting her teeth done .. not yet 2 (august) she took it all in her stride with your calm and patience handling .

Mel Robbins 3 ponies with happy teeth, thanks for doing their teeth Jairaj Rajaram. Mouse had 2 wolf teeth taken out so will soonhave a happy mouth aswell. All 3 ponies were great for the dentist even old Caleesto was a gem

Sarah Edginton  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Would definitely recommend Jai he was amazing with my 2 horses, 5 star service .He managed to squeeze me in to his busy schedule and handled my new 8 year old brumby mare who had never had her teeth done before extremely well. He is patient and considerate.He was also happy to look at my bridle and bit to ensure it fitted correctly, and told me what I should look for when fitting a bit.

Jemma Polglase  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Fantastic The care Jai showed with my young horse that was new to the world of dentists was great. He did everything calmly and at his speed to make sure he had a great first experience. Couldn’t have been happier. Will continue with Jai for any future dentistry work we need.

Ingrid Wilson  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai was amazingly calm and patient with all my horses (even the difficult mini). He was also every willing to show and educate on the condition of the teeth and what he was doing. I would highly recommend his services

Georgina Dennis  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Can not rate highly enough was so great with the 2 young un mouthed ones. Fantastic with my high strung ones. AMAZING with my trouble child! Did 11 horses one visit from 8hh to my 15.hh. Was so pleased!

Melissa Ould  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Thank you Jai for coming out and doing our mini pony. Jai is a great horse man and very knowledgeable, definitely knows his stuff. Thank you again and I look forward to you coming to do our other horses

Rachael Jean  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Thank you Jai for attending to our new little mini! It was a very relaxed experience for him!!

Marie LM  recommends Silver Fern Equine servicesHighly recommend Jai. Very knowledgeable and kind horseman who explains what and why of what is being done. Gentle and patient he gets the job done with no fuss.Also offers to check your fit of your bridle/bit and gives you a record of the treatment to make things easier for follow ups!Thank you so much Jai, was a pleasure doing business. See you next year!

Jaala Purdie  recommends Silver Fern Equine servicesJai Thankyou for coming out today, attended 4 of my horses 3years old to 17yo miniature to 16hh and was fantastic with all of them. Great communication, timing & very skilled. See you next time! Thankyou.Highly recommend

Benita ScottSilver Fern Equine servicesFabulous work from Jairaj Rajaram of Silver Fern Equine Services, tending to the teeth of our various horses. Such a calming, gentle, yet conscientious approach. Able to manage the varied degrees of apprehension, with patience & steadfast control that inspired the horses with absolute trust in his hands, & in the process. Very grateful for your skills Jai, & for fitting us in. Highly recommended

Nerissa Mc  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.I highly recommend Jai to anyone wanting a great dentist for their horse. He is absolutely amazing. I was very happy having him work on my horses teeth. He’s very thorough, honest, knowledgeable and he’s an all round genuine top fella.

Susan Twomey  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai worked consistently and calmly.All our horses have different personalities and a couple of young ones. All completed efficiently with no dramas . Thankyou Jai

Jess Barr  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai was fantastic with my two horse very careful and kind. his communication was prompt and times were arranged quickly. I highly recommend him as an equine dentist.

Jean Phillips  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai is so gentle and thorough with horses . even my older horse who has issues with dentists was under Jai,s spell . highly recommend Jai

Melanie Taylor  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai was wonderful with both my horses. My mare was so relaxed and no trouble at all. He was also very kind and wonderful to my old pony, who generally doesn’t like men and can be very difficult. There was no sedation, just gentle energy and kind hands. I highly recommend Jai for all horses and ponies.

Janine LS recommends Silver Fern Equine services Many thanks to Jai for attending to our horses dentistry today. Jai handled our oldies and our young horse beautifully. Our horses required a bit of work which Jai completed patiently and efficiently. Will definitely be using Silver Fern Equine from now on.

Terri Butler recommends Silver Fern Equine services Thanks Jai…for working on our Clydesdales ..your quiet dedication to your work is very evident the way you handled our horses .many thanks.

Cheyenne Kokshoorn recommends Silver Fern Equine services Amazing service, efficient honest and patient, on time and very knowledgeable. Thank you again, Milly and I look forward to her next visit

Renee Taylor My girl Expresso… Waiting for her teeth to be done, having a great dentist is one of the best things you can do for your horses, I have learnt so much. Thank you Jairaj Rajaram you do an amazing job, and have such good knowledge to help us all out. You have great patience with my babies and I’m very thankful for that.

Lou Curtis-Smith recommends Silver Fern Equine services  What a wonderful experience for the horses today. Jai came and tended to my horse Sonny and two other ponies. He was professional, quick and kind. The horses seemed so calm. He was also very forthcoming with information and discussed what he was doing. I actually enjoyed the experience which I didn’t think I would ever say in reference to a dentist . Thanks Jai. 5 out of 5.

Jaz Silvester recommends Silver Fern Equine services absolutely fantastic! Super kind and gentle with my 2 boys, absolutely recommend

Danni-Marie Fisher Silver Fern Equine services Further update: since Jai kindly took care of my babies this morning I have had a lovely ride on Polly (first time able to use a bit with her since purchasing her 4 weeks ago due to previous owner leaving her for years without dental work), both my babies behaved perfectly all day long with no discomfort or issues reading my signals. Again could not rate Jai highly enough

Danni-Marie Fisher recommends Silver Fern Equine services Just had Jai come to do Polly and Bill’s teeth. Could not recommend him highly enough. Jai had lots of knowledge to share with us and handled both our horses beautifully, even Bill who is a bit of a scaredy cat. Will never use anyone else for my babies’ teeth. Absolutely amazing, thanks so much Jai

Hěkatě Vincent recommends Silver Fern Equine services Had Jai come out to do 2 of my horses today and he was just brilliant. Patient and professional who I’d happily use again. Awesome job thank you.

Jess Bryan recommends  Silver Fern Equine servicesHad Jai come do my Shetland pony who had never had his teeth done before prior coming to me, I was so nervous not knowing how he would react but as soon as Jai got here and introduced himself I felt so relaxed already then I seen the way he was with my boy so kind and gentle and My little man was so relaxed and let Jai do his job. Thanks so much Jai it was a absolute pleasure meeting you 

Kelly Slater recommends Silver Fern Equine services Second time having jai here an yet again he has gone far an beyond with his service.Working with a first timer to have his teeth done an removed two wolf teeth as pain free as possible , patient an brilliant with a sensitive young horse . No photos today as was wind was blowing quite bad

Can’t recommend him highly enough thanks again for fitting me in

Jill Tonelli recommends Silver Fern Equine servicesFantastic service .. my boy was so relaxed and at ease .. def recommend

Vanessa Cooper recommends Silver Fern Equine services Jai came and done my horse and Pony today, he is very skilled and done an excellent job. Very relaxed and not stressful on the equine treasures

Gaylene Goodsell Silver Fern Equine services Had Jairaj Rajaram come and do my guys. Return visit for socks. He was a good boy. And first time for my beautiful zoe who walked backwards a few times as a half hearted protest. And of course jai was as lovely as always. So very good to see your friendly face again.

Linda Sexton It was our annual dentist visit today! Thank you Jai from Silver Fern Equine Services. As always, my horses love him.

Lauren Nicole recommends Silver Fern Equine services Thank you for coming out and doing all our horses. Took his time, very knowledgeable, went with the horse, did a great job. Thank you.

Tatiana Johnson We had a great day today. It was dentist day! And we have a dentist who I use for all my horses including the youngsters, breakers and 1st timers. We had 7 done today. Only 2 had ever been done before and 1 was still rather new to being handled and of course we had Kingston the brumby King was amazing I’m very proud of him And… VBA Kingston was lucky enough to gain himself a great sponsor! Thank you Jairaj from Silver Fern Equine Services for your support and sponsorship. #mcdowellsaustralianbrumbychallenge2020 #equinedentist #silverfernequineservices

Katy Body-Lylak recommends Silver Fern Equine servicesJai did an amazing job with my only recently handled 4yo welshie. So professional and knowledgable, my boy barely flinched when he pulled a wolf tooth. Very reasonably priced and seasoned in every way. Thank you!

Ava Seers recommends Silver Fern Equine services Did an amazing job on my boy today, he handled my spooky one so well. Talked me through everything as it was my first time being a first horse owner! Got a written report and all would recommend a whole bunch. Thank you

Libby Dutton recommends Silver Fern Equine services jai is an absoloute perfectionist and realist .brilliant feeding tip for aged horses and my guys loved him.reasonably priced and always answers messages impressed as was my genius thanks jai

Laura McDonald recommends Silver Fern Equine servicesJai was very patient with my young horse and my two young children who had to tag along with me. He taught me lots and took the time to explain everything. Will definitely be getting him to do my all my horses in future.

Cherie Parr recommends Silver Fern Equine services Jai is an absolute wealth of knowledge and happy to share ideas and tips!! Genuinely cares about your horse and it’s health!! Exceptional dentist, could not recommend more highly

Ashlee Henderson recommends Silver Fern Equine services Cant recommend Jai enough! fantastic service! Very kind and helpful!

Tonia Lee Thankyou Jairaj for a great job today. 5 minis and two heavies all up to date with their teeth. I highly recommend Jai . My mini golden oldies 26 and 27 years old have healthy teeth … And our big girls all up to date . Still have another 5 to do lol

Lorraine Dwyer recommends Silver Fern Equine services Highly recommend Jai. Kind and gentle and very informative. Thanks again.

Jo Akeroyd Silver Fern Equine services Thanks Jai – great service. We had a range of horses for you from three year olds being started to older mares coming back into work. Think we actually had one of each age group for you! Horses were all relaxed and not fazed. Great nature with the horses.

Lucinda Condon recommends Silver Fern Equine services

We had 5 horses done today I can say that Jai is the best equine dentist I’ve had out Very experienced knowledgeable guy and did an awesome job with our fur babies

Thanks again Jai Will see you in a few weeks for the others

Marina Jeffery Dental work done for the year. All horses behaved beautifully including the two youngsters who have never had metal in their mouths or their teeth done. Miss Angel (last one pictures) had to have a few teeth extracted and did well considering. Jairaj Rajaram is the best dentist and highly recommend him

Jessica Stephens  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai is a very experienced and calm with all types of horses, he did really well with both my mares and my mums horses.

Michelle BlakePonies had teeth done today good ponies  Big thanks to Jairaj Rajaram for an excellent service Highly recommend Jai

TRose Short  recommends Silver Fern Equine services. Jai is kind & professional with horse’s and dose a fantastic and thorough job on their teeth.
I would highly recommend his dental services. Happy customer happy horse’s 

Stef Carr  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.jai was amazing with our 4 horses, very recommend, thanks heaps jai.

Lena Phillips  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai was absolutely amazing on a young very green nervous horse who had never had his teeth done. Very thorough and walked me through the whole process and encouraged me to have a feel to learn a bit better. Horse even had 2 wolf teeth pulled and left feeling much happier. Thanks again Jai. See you next year.

Holley Beaton  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai was great with our horses as well as doing a great job on their teeth. highly recommend.

Melissa Ashworth  recommends Silver Fern Equine services. Sure do he was amazing my paint boy normally a bit timid and unsure of others and cherokee handled it like a pro 100 per cent thank you

Jacinta Cruse Batt recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Was very professional, friendly and he took a lot of care, highly highly recommend

Ashleigh Curry recommends Silver Fern Equine services.A wealth of knowledge and outstanding professional service. Highly recommend Jai

Sue Ryrie recommends Silver Fern Equine services.We had jai out to do our guys teeth this week and can’t recommend him highly enough, he was gentle and patient and shared his knowledge with us all, we all got to feel inside the horses mouth which was actually pretty amazing

Felicity Muller recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Can’t recommend Jai highly enough. I have a lovely stock horse who’s teeth have been badly neglected over a long period of time. Jai worked so calmly and kindly with her and made the whole experience a positive one for her and me.
He explained to me the issues she has and we have a plan to rectify them and maintain her optimum health. Great service from start to finish. Punctual, professional and a genuinely “horse first” approach. Thanks Jai

Kerry Wright recommends Silver Fern Equine services Thankyou Jai.
Highly recommended,very reasonably priced,professional dentist & very caring.

Gill Beaurepaire Amazing stuff you do such great work Jai & horses are always patient calm with you they know they are in good hands

Jennifer Lawrence recommends Silver Fern Equine services. I booked Jai to come to our horses this afternoon, his knowledge, skills and expertise were beyond my expectations. If you’re looking for a dentist you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Jai

Anna Webb recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Fantastic service and great with the horses very reliable

Leanne Kolks‎ to Silver Fern Equine servicesJai was absolutely EXCELLENT with our minature horse and bigger thoroughbred!.. He was so patient with them and took his time and explained everything. I would HIGHLY recommend Jai (Silver Fern Equine Services) if you are looking for a fantastic dentist for your horsesThank you Jai so much

Louise Ryrie recommends Silver Fern Equine services.I cannot speak highly enough of Jai. He did my 4 boys this week and was patient and gentle. Also very reasonably priced.

Louise McDonald recommends Silver Fern Equine servicesExcellent service professional and reliable thanks

Ashlee Gardner recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jai today and couldn’t be more happy with the job he did with our horses. Jai is very kind, gently and patient with the horses especially with our 2 year old welsh pony who had his first visit today! We also learnt a lot from Jai as he explains everything he is doing. Cannot thank Jai enough. Highly recommend

Nicole Bodnar recommends Silver Fern Equine services Jai is always the most amazing person to deal with, feels like an old friend whenever he visits. Perfect with the horses they absolutely love him. Couldn’t recommend this guy enough

Megan Hughes recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai was fantastic. Highly recommend.
Thank you for your advice and getting the right fit bit for the nag . Will see you next year. Thanks again.

Sean Ruckn Morley recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai came out early to our place he was polite and professional to a T. He provided information to us about our horses not only regarding teeth but all facets of horsemanship. Highly recommend him and look forward to seeing him next year.

Samantha Boon recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Highly recommend , did an amazing job on my little stallion this evening and showed great patients(even got his bit size ready for the breaker in a fortnight) . Thank you so much I appreciated it

Tash Langkowski recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Thanks for helping me better understand Dusty. I really appreciate your time and effort.

Lucy Brandon recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai has done my horses 3 years now. He is very patient and thorough and always does a great job Not to mention very reasonably priced! We are very lucky to have Jai travelling up to Darwin each year

Tara MacDonald recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Got Jai out again to my boy Billy.
Who I wasn’t sure what he was going to do to be honest. Amazing work as always.
Just seems to put horses at ease.
Thanks heaps and see you next year again

Chloe Abbott recommends Silver Fern Equine services.I highly recommend Jai, he is absolutely brilliant. Very thorough, knowledgeable, patient and an all round lovely man.


Danielle Fisher recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Thank you for coming out this morning at such an early hour to do Rockys teeth, so I could still get to work on time and I am extremely grateful you managed to fit my horse in, I know you are super busy. Rocky is much happier now his teeth aren’t hurting him. Much appreciated Cheers

Catriona Rafael recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai was fantastic and very patient today with my young OTTB who apparently hadn’t seen a dentist for some time. I now also know what size bit he needs.Thanks and look forward to see him back in 6 months.

Julie Ossel recommends Silver Fern Equine services. Jai came out and done my horse and my friends horse today and he was amazing.
My friends horse has had limited handling and she was very well behaved because of how patient and gentle Jai was with her.
I highly recommend him to anyone who needs their horses teeth done

Bronwyn Fruend recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Wow Jai is absolutely amazing he came out and saw two of my horses tonight, he let me put my hand in and feel their teeth and spoke to me about what was going on inside their mouths, told me how to correct it, what he used and that’s what he did. He is such an amazing horseman and can’t recommend him enough. Absolutely amazing work and very happy customer and horses

Hayley Vannistelrooy Silver Fern Equine services.I had Jai out yesterday to do my boys teeth and he was fantastic. he is a very knowledgable horseman and dentist and is very willing to educate and answer any questions. He checked my boys bit size and even checked with his bridle on for me and gave some advice 🙂 Absolutely fantastic, Flynn and I will be seeing him next year

Rhiana Jami Richardson recommends Silver Fern Equine services.

I had Jai out today to fix my horses teeth and could not recommend highly enough He answered all of my pesky question and took him time being gentle but making sure the job was done right
Thank you so much for coming out and providing quality services

Jas Cat recommends Silver Fern Equine services. Amazing Dentist and i highly recommend Jai. He did such a great job with my 16.2 thoroughbred who tends to throw his weight around when he starts to get bored. Jai was so calm and patient with him from start to finish and didn’t rush through the process. He also showed me exactly what he was doing and explained why which i found interesting and a great learning experience. Jai was professional, full of knowledge, experienced and had a lovely calm and nice demeanor. Thank you Jai

Kathryn Smith recommends Silver Fern Equine services

Thank you Jai for coming and looking after my old boy today. Jai was patient even though my boy is a grumpy old man. Gave me some really good advice for him also along with what he did so I can keep it on file for next time. Highly recommend Jai and will be getting him back soon for the rest of the gang… ps I fed him not after you left Jai and he has already stopped eating awkwardly.

Romie Ipsa

Spaz got his teeth done today, he was good to get done and I’m extremely happy with Silver Fern Equine Services and the way Jairaj Rajaram handled him
He also got his mouth measured for the bit plus I got a bit recommendation for him. All this time I’ve been using a bit that is 1/2 a size too big for him and doesnt suit his mouth it was pinching his tongue poor baby so a nice new bit here we come.
Also weather change has made this one go loopy

Rhonda LeBas-Anderson  recommends Silver Fern Equine services.

loved the knowledge and experience
kind, no fuss handling of my horses
more than happy with this great service

Lisa Dank recommends Silver Fern Equine services.

This was my first experience using Silver Fern Equine for my pony and TB.. I can not reccomend them enough Jai was on time, and so informative and interactive teaching me sooo much handy info from telling the age of my pony to nutritional info. I have learnt so much, he has such calming and caring attitude my pony even fell asleep during his teeth being done. I look forward to seeing you next year. Thankyou so much for such a positive experience.

Veronique Williams recommends First time using Jai as my usual wasn’t available. Would highly recommend. Jai was extremely good with my 2yr old ,who was having teeth done for the first time. Very professional and informative with the added bonus of a written report (never had that before) will be using Jai for any future work on my mare .
thank you Jai

Clarry Vale reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star This guy is amazing very thorough and patient with his clients we were very impressed with his ability to fit us in at short notice this trip. Thank you jai

Jacqui Cruikshank – BorgThank you soooo much Jairaj for coming out urgently to attend to our old girl
We really appreciate it
We’re really lucky to have the best dentist ever for our horses
We’ve been using you for so long now and will always continue too
Thanks again jai

Linda Sexton Another great job from Jai (Silver Fern Equine Services) He did Phoenix’s 6 month check up and had to pull out a baby tooth. My horses are always so calm and relaxed having their teeth done.

Shay Lee recommends Silver Fern Equine services.We had Jai come out to our boy and he was so gentle and explained everything to myself and my daughter, he also came out at very little notice as we were a bit desperate. Definitely recommend Jai for your next dental service for your loved one

Kerry Parsons recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Fantastic with our new pony
So informative and patient….. highly recommended!

PJ Ranran reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 starJai is very patient and takes his time when doing his work. He knows what he’s doing & is very good at whet he does. My rising 3 year old had four caps removed and two wolf teeth with no sedation. Jai always finishes his work on a positive note and I would highly recommend him as an equine dentist.

Jessica Bearchell recommends Silver Fern Equine services.First time dentist experience with Jai following a friends recommendation. I am very happy. Jai took the time to explain what he was doing and both horses were calm and relaxed. Arrived on time and worked quietly and efficiently. Would definitely recommend Jai.

Stace C Pt recommends Silver Fern Equine services.Jai came out to perform general dentistry and a tooth extraction for my TB. He was amazing, gentle, took time explain everything and was patient. I highly recommend him!

Ash Elsworth reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Wow what can I say, I’ve had silver fern out for dentist work and also for transporting my mare, and both times he has gone above and beyond expectations! My mare is not good at floating at all, I was completely unable to put her on myself, and he worked his magic and got her on in one try. I am absolutely stoked, I will be recommending this business to all of my friends and family! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Maree Vodanovich Silver Fern Equine services5 star

Thanks Jai, Zee Is very happy eating her hay today
And me knowing she’s got her teeth done & how easy that was with your excellent service

Kat Smith reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Thanks so much for coming out to do miss Layla’s teeth tonight. We are Very happy. You where very informing about her teeth condition And also where patient with our little pony. Thanks again jai

Natalie Cass

Jai came out and tended to my 5 horses. He was kind and professional and patient with them all & very knowledgeable.
I can highly recommend his knowledge and professional service.
Thanks Jai.

Donna Harbidge reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Jai did my 2 horses today. One can be a bit of a handful but apparently he’s a pussy cat in Jai’s hands! Very professional service, thanks!

Lee-Maree Clohesy reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Absolutely amazing work! So knowledgeable and gentle with my boy.

Chloe Sephton-Mercer reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Jai has done a wonderful job with Mindy being her first time having her teeth done. Such a friendly, calm and gentle experience.

Katherine Griffin reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Great equine dentist, have been using Jai for my two horses for the last three years

Kendall Fox reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Jai did our two horses yesterday and was fantastic. Awesome manner with the horses and so knowledgeable. Thanks Jai we will be seeing you next time for sure. Can’t recommend highly enough


Beck Buitenhuis reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Perfect service


Danielle Williams reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Jai was wonderful with my 2 yesterday.
Jai took the time to explain to my self and my daughter, our Vinnie was such a good boy and enjoyed ever min. Jai took his time and was very kind and patient with our Sonny girl and also gave many helpful tips to my daughter along the way to keep her we so appreciated of how you love ok after them
We were kept well informed each step of the way and loved how calm and kind you was with our horses. Thank you Jai! Pre book us in for next year


Lesley Monro recommends Silver Fern Equine services Had Jai come and do one of my RDA horses today, very impressed, kind and gentle and extremely knowledgable HIGHLY recommended to all horse owners, thanks Jairaj Rajaram

Kylie Bowler reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 starI had such a great experience with my big Friesian/Warmblood. He hasn’t been handled much this year and was overdue for his dental check. Jai was very patient and calm with him and in turn my horse was very well behaved. Jai explained everything along the way which gave me a good insight into what he does.

Linda Sexton

Thank you so much Jairaj Rajaram from Silver Fern Equine Services, for doing such an awesome job with my horses today. They all have beautiful smiles again.
I can’t recommend Jai enough. He has such a calming effect on them. He is patient and takes his time, which shows by how calm the horses are when he works with them. Even the ones we thought would play up, didn’t

Skyla Sexton

Thank you to Jairaj Rajaram for being so amazing with my babies this weekend!! My horses where super chill and easy thanks to jai taking his time and staying calm

Whinbury Hill Equestrian Centre  

A big day at Whinbury Hill with Jai Rajaram today doing horses teeth for us. I couldn’t compliment Jai more for his professionalism & kind approach to
the horses & the job at hand. We did 10 horses & Jai was in no hurry to finish quickly taking the time with each horse & also an added bonus checking the width of every horses mouth to ensure fitting the correct size bit. I could not recommend him more highly he is a qualified Level 5 Equine Dentist & he will be back at Whinbury Hill again

When your not just a dentist! Wow thanks so much Jai amazing dentist really informative explaining the whole process and checking for issues no other dentist has. Thanks for taking the time with my young man today to ensure he had a good first experience your worth every penny and more

Thalia Marree Chio

A man with alot of knowledge. He was kind to my mare and did a fantastic job. He explains alot of what he is doing which is fantastic as you get a better understanding of your horse.
Maree Vodanovich Jairaj Rajaram the grid setup was so good for kids & ponies
You did so well with the big group at all various levels

Thank you so much for today Jai!
First time dealing with a Horse getting their teeth done, and it was a complete breeze with your expertise.

So glad to hear that Hero will no longer be in discomfort. See you in a year!

Melanie Hardy‎ to Tashorse
February 17 at 1:53pm · Liffey, TAS ·

I could not recommend Jairaj and Jack highly enough. Have had both my horses seen this morning and words cannot express how thankful I am to them for managing to get the sales clydie to cooperate. Expert horseman and very happy horses. If you are needing an equine dentist or professional horse help contact them ASAP.

Léonie La Mère

Had Jairaj Rajaram from Silver Fern Equine Services and Jack Tulk , The Professional Horseman do the ponies feet and teeth this afternoon.
Mary Lu’s feet had returned to the terrible shape they were prior to Jack last trimming her.
All 3 ponies have lovely shaped feet again. Especially Mary’s who little hooves certainly grow ugly if not trimmed correctly.
Jack is an excellent horseman and his work is of the highest standard.
Jai did the 2 little girl’s teeth and as always his calm approach and professional work means there is no stress for the ponies and they stay very relaxed throughout the procedure.
I highly recommend Jai and Jack and wish they lived closer to me

Jacqui Bagley‎ to Jairaj Rajaram  February 20 at 8:09am ·

I would just like to give a big shout out and thank you to Jai for his professionalism in doing our 3 x ponies today. He was fantastic and explained each procedure and what the tool was for, he also measured there mouths for what bit size they need. He was very kind to the ponies and handled them well and he also asked if I wanted to feel there teeth but I declined on that invitation lol and when finished he supplied the paperwork on what he done, very professional. Thank you very much Jai it was a great job. And thank you to Jack who was his off sider . See you in November. Thank you

Louise Jones added 4 new photos.

February 20 at 6:05pm · Grove, TAS ·

Just had these guys to Rockdale Farm…. Jai and Jack to do our horses teeth and some trims highly recommend their services! Very experienced horsemen and fantastic work.

Silver Fern Equine Services and Jack Tulk

Had Jai – Silver Fern Equine Dentistry & Jack Tulk come and do dental work on 3 of our horses today. One of which has been a problem horse with dentistry. Well, to say that I was very impressed with the professional & calm approach that Jai & Jack took with this horse would be an understatement. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jai & Jack. I now have a horse that was so happy to tuck into his dinner tonight and his bale of lucerne. Almost forgot to mention Jai is the first equine dentist to give me a written report at the end…fabulous!

What a wonderful experience I have just had My stock horse Micki has just had his teeth done for the second time in his life He is 14 Year’s old After the first time I couldn’t even get a bridle on him With a lot of work and patience I was able to succeed but was unable to do his teeth unless I used drugs
I WILL NOT USE DRUGS unless it is for an op or injury (medical)
I have just had Jai Rajaram perform his magic on Micki
Micki was an angle for Jai
Thank you Jai for the use of your magic and completing the job with no adverse affects. Micki went off happy and contented.
What a relief to see the horse not traumatized by his experience
Thank you again Jai I would recommend you to all horsey people/owners

Meg Baker reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Jai was wonderful with my 2 geldings yesterday. We also had a last min add on with a friends horse and he was happy to fit her in last min. We were his last clients for the day and him staying back to do the third horse was very much appreciated. We were kept well informed each step of the way and loved how calm and kind he was with all horses. Thank you!
Kate Gerlach reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Wonderful genuine service. Passion, knowledge and horsemanship truly appreciated. Ive never seen horse dentistry run so natural and smooth on different horses as I saw it this afternoon.
Melissa Boielle reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star  I called Jai in to look at a pony I recently rescued. The pony I purchased is very raw and had not much handling. Jai was very understanding and did everything he could to make sure my pony had a great experience. Jai is very passionate about his work and it shows in his work and his nature with the horses. I highly recommend Jai to anyone wanting to get there horses teeth done.

Birgit Ziegler Thanks Jai pleasure to meet you thanks for professional work on horses see you again next year

Jodie Bradshaw Thank you for the great thorough job and calm quiet handling of our 3 horses yesterday . It was a very positive first experience without sedation for my young horse

Melissa Vangalen Totally recommend Jai just had our 4 teeth done horses very happy and so are we

Kristy Viney Can not recommend Jai highly enough . Did 3 of our horses on Monday and was absolutely amazing . 2 of our horses had never been done before and he was calm , patient and very gentle with them . Allowing them time to gradually adjust to each step and explaining everything to us through each step of the process. Even allowed us to feel for ourselves what each horses teeth were like and what was needed . Thank you for all your assistance Jai and look forward to seeing you again next trip down
Gaylene Goodsell reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Great manner and very gentle. Couldn’t recommend highly enough

Léonie La Mère reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Jai is a highly qualified and very professional equine dentist . He was excellent at calming my unbroken 3 year gelding and doing his teeth in a stress free manner. I would highly recommend him and will certainly book him on his next trip to Tasmania.

Abbey Dare reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Jai did a awesome job with my mare totally recommend

Melissa Vangalen reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Great service very happy horses will be definitely be getting Jai back next year when he comes to Tassie

Danielle Pauly reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star  Excellent service! Will use again without a doubt! and recommend to others.
Nicole Callaghan reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Jai is fantastic! He is so gentle and patient and I love the way he handled my ponies! He is very professional and takes the time he needs. Thanks a bunch Jai! See you in 12 months, well maybe 13!
Amanda Wolff- Gramlick reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Two Very Happy customers here� Thank you Jai for the extreamly relaxed dental you did on King this evening. Your very calm and informative approach made the experience for us both fantastic. Highly recommended. See you next year� And thank you for the recomendations of other great horse people in the area….�
Jillian Howard reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Jai did an amazing job with my mare yesterday. It was her first dentist appointment and she had never been mouthed or had a bridle on before. She was so calm and relaxed and had a really positive experience. Thank you very much
Mandy Cousin reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star
I highly recommended Jai. My new mare remained so calm during her dental procedure. Jai was so professional & explained everything he did. Thanks Jai!
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Linda Hillis reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star
Fantastic service!
Jai was so good with my mare Clara, very gentle, highly professional and all round a great guy.
Would highly recommend Jai to anyone!!
See you same time next year..
Happy customer and horse!
Loretta Barone reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Great guy !!! Recommending to all my friends !!!! Amazing job with my horse
Kimberley Hopkins reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Had an absolutely fantastic experience with Jai’s dententisty today. He took a carm relaxed approach to my nervous, scared horse with all the new gadgets his never seen. My horse ended up relaxing right into it.His one very happy horse now Thanks again Jai ! Ill see u next year
Shannon Kastellorizios reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Totally blown away with your service Jai! Not only were you a great guy you also did a fantastic job with my boys teeth! I was a little nervous not knowing how he would respond though your gentle approach and great workmanship put me at ease straight away. Thank you for bringing your service to Darwin we are looking forward to seeing you again next year. All the best ��
Marina Jeffery reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Highly recommend Jai. He is punctual, gentle, patient and does an amazing job. Even my anxious and temperamental thoroughbred warmed to him immediately. He deserves more than 5 stars.
Vicki Martin reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Jai did my geldings teeth last night. He was patient and careful. Stress free experience for my horse.
Rebecca Fears reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Thankyou Jai for making our first non-sedation and non-crush dental such a calm and pleasant experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect with my girl, but was very impressed by her behaviour today and it was all due to your approach, manner and handling. Will definately be booking you again next year when you visit Darwin! Thankyou!!!
Debbie Mcqueen reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Fantastic dentist! Was very good with my foster baby as he hasn’t had his teeth done for a few years via past owners. I’ll be getting jai back again in January for the rest
Kristy Joyce reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Thanks Jai, I wasn’t sure whether to believe all the posts about you being so gentle with people’s horses, but now that you were here, I’ve seen it first hand. Thank you for being so gentle and calm with my horses. You were definitely very patient and made you the whole experience was stress free for them. You can definitely come back and see my horses again. Loved your laid back approach.
Rebecca Hallett reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Excellent service. My horse normally freaks out if I change his brush colour so I wasn’t sure how he would react to the dentists headstall. Jai was calm and professional from the moment he arrived; my normally unconfident horse was immediately at ease and relaxed through the entire process. He even seemed to enjoy it! Jai also measures and confirms appropriate bit size to use for the horse before leaving. Look forward to annual visits from Jai. My horse likes you, I like you
Tahlia Kameron reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Can’t recommend him enough, what an absolute trooper! Full of knowledge! And explained everything! I have an old mare who is 36+ and he took the time needed, with the up most professionalism! Even when she was a bit naughty! Thank you sooo much
Anthea Australia reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Met Jai today when he came to do our three horses teeth, one of whom has possibly never had her teeth done before. He demonstrated great patience and skill when handling the horses and a lovely person as well. Will definitely use his services again. Thanks Jai!
Rachel Beaumont reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star  Jai, is very calm and very professional and best of all was great with dude. Jai explains everything step by step what he is doing.
Very impressed highly recommend
Naomi Heritage reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Just had my 2 nervous horses teeth done by Jai. WOW! Jai was so comforting and put them both at ease. He explained everything as he went. So informative. I will be getting him back next year again. Thanks Jai
Tara Courtney Matthews reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Jai did an amazing job with my girl who was her first visit even by the end when she started to get cranky and over it.
He was still calm and relaxed thanks heaps mate
Debbie Holland reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Jai did an excellent job with my three horses, kind, caring and treats them gently and safely. Loved that he was educating my daughter and I on their teeth while he was doing it. Very happy with the service and great value for money.
Kylie Bowler reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star I had such a great experience with my big Friesian/Warmblood. He hasn’t been handled much this year and was overdue for his dental check. Jai was very patient and calm with him and in turn my horse was very well behaved. Jai explained everything along the way which gave me a good insight into what he does.
Courtney Oxlee reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Can’t recommend highly enough, Jai is awesome- Jai has come out two years in a row for my horses and I will definitely be getting him for a third year.. he is calm, patient and so knowledgeable.. he took the time to let us all have a good feel inside the horses mouths and explain exactly what he was doing.. thanks again Jai!!
Kelly Zimonyi Jai is a wonderful, very knowledgeable horse person!! I will never use another horse dentist again!! Great with my horses & explains everything. Happy to answer any questions.
Thank-you very much!!
Nettzzkii Wilde reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star It’s always a pleasure to have a professional with a passion for what they do. My horses were calm, relaxed and now happy. Thanks Jai
Stussy Brown reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 starHad Jairaj Rajaram out today. He done a fantastic job on our horses teeth. I highly recommend him.

Casey Parker reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 starWas easy to organise and worked around my work schedule, very knowledgable and was great with the horses. Will definitely use again.

Hazel McAndrews Stevens reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Jai has done yet another amazing job!
I have recently purchased a 5 year old unbroken Arab that has never had teeth done or anything much in the last 4 years not even been mouthed. The trimmer the weekend before had to give up on his feet so I was worrying how he will be for the dentist. Jai’s approach was very calming and professional and got the job done without any fuss even pulled a baby wolf tooth with no issue. Very happy indeed .
Fiona Davison added a new photo to Silver Fern Equine services‘s timeline. Thanks Jai for looking after the girls, they are both so much happier. Stress free dental visit


'Thanks Jai for looking after the girls, they are both so much happier. Stress free dental visit!'
I can’t recommend Silver Fern Equine Dental services enough. Jai has a true passion for providing a professional and comprehensive dental service. He is very ki…nd and patient handling the horses and provides easy to understand explanations for what he is working on. I was thrilled to receive advice and he kindly offered to measure the bit size for every horse. Do you horses a favor, book Jai!
Ashleigh Sosa reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star Stoked with Jai’s knowledge! He explained everything that was happening and why he was using which tool and what it was for. Fantastic with the horses, patient and calm the whole time. Was great to even have a feel in my horses mouths to get an idea of what was happening! Thankyou also for aging my horses!

Keith Downwardto Jairaj Rajaram thank you once again Jairaj .. for a great job well done also sharing some of your knowledge n experiences … i can highly recommend takes hes time and show alot of patience

Kati Nemeth reviewed Silver Fern Equine services5 star· Have just had Jai out to do my two boys, one a youngster who has never had his teeth done before, and one an anxious stressful boy. Jai took it all in stride and made it such a positive experience for both of them that by the end they looked ready to fall asleep. A true horseman, who knows how to work WITH the horse to get the best results