Niagara Equissage is very simple and effective to use. The pad works from top to toe and the entire body of the horse giving a deep cyclonical massage over a 20 minute period. It can be used over rugs as well.

Ideal for warming up before exercise and cooling down after exercise.  Works on fluids, joint fluids and blood in a cyclonical motion. It improves horses with Cold back, arthritic joints and builds up lactic acid.

If the horse hangs on one side ridge of the horse can be worked with hand unit along its neck and free him up.

Petra muscles stiffening can hinder stride length, hock and fetlock joint can be worked upon to improve the stride length.

Jarred in the shoulders or girthy can also be rectified with the hand unit. Lower limb problems and foot problems can be addressed as well in case of swelling the hand unit can be used and it may come down very quickly due to increased blood circulation. Bruise feet, corns etc. can be work through as Niagara Equissage works very deep through all joints as protein is being moved.

Sore shin we can bring the blood into the area. Tendon and ligament damage natural healing process can speed up.

Niagara Equissage helps to open the breathing passages and open lungs

Hind quarter’s deep seated muscles can be relaxed. Jumping horses strain in sacroiliac into the hamstring we can relieve those muscle problems through Equissage.

Inflammation where saddle sits and where pressure is applied the soreness can be removed.

Niagara Equissage should not be used in the following circumstances Infection, open wound, recent fracture and early stages of pregnancy. To be used only when the healing process has started.