Qualified Equine Dentist Level 5 NZQA New Zealand and Level 4 Australian recognised qualification for all your dental needs for your fur buddy. It includes

  • Ageing
  • Complete Internal and Extra oral examination.
  • Cap and wolf teeth extraction in young horses.
  •  Routine maintenance.
  •  Bite realignment for middle age to old horses.
  •  Bit seating and spotting any dental problems with horses.
  • Cut and smooth canines, remove plaque build-up from canines
  • Cut hooks from fore and after ends of cheek batteries
  • Occlusal table adjustment

Trained directly under Warrick Berhns EqDT/CA and certified advanced member of IAED (with over 30 years worldwide experience within the equine dentistry industry)

We provide advice about any issues that may exist and perform the necessary procedure to get your horse back to perfect dental health.

Able to travel anywhere in Victoria for a large number of horses.


Does Your horse need dentistry ?